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Web Design & Development

Websites are the digital storefront of your business. Just like offline offices and stores, the location, design and service level of websites will have a huge impact on the eventual success of your business. Our six-stage web design and development process is heavily dependent on the SEO, SEO, CRO and social media strategy of your business. Websites cannot exist in isolation.

Our systematic process begins with a thorough analysis and review of your company’s internal standards and product or business requirements. Our crack optimisation, marketing and content specialists will also provide metrics, copy and technical requirements to our coders and designers for implementation.

The next step involves developing the site architecture, which includes navigation, sitemap and content hierarchy, built to common industry technical standards.

Our innovative designers will work on the visual aspects of the website next, taking into account the customer’s brand identity (logo, font, colours, etc.) and recommendations from our CRO specialist.

The fourth stage encompasses content writing and multimedia uploads, as well as proofreading and copyediting. As developing content can take a long time, writing usually commences after the first stage is completed.

At the fifth stage, the website is ready for a soft launch. Extensive user experience testing will be conducted by our specialists and customers, including ecommerce functions, if any. Various tools will be used to analyse traffic patterns, heat maps, load speed and other ancillary functions. The website will be submitted to search engines and customised tracking codes are installed. Social media accounts are linked (or created first, if there are no existing ones). Changes and modifications are then implemented based on internal or customer feedback. A second round of review is then conducted.

Post-launch, we offer training to clients for upkeep and maintenance. In addition, we recommend conducting A/B & multivariate testing to fine tune and optimise the website’s conversion rate. Testing is especially crucial for ecommerce sites and storefronts. The length of the testing will be determined after consultation with customers.