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Social Media Management and Marketing

Social media management and marketing is more than just posting pictures of cats or clicking Likes or Retweets. Social media management requires visible across-the-board presence at all major social media platforms, supported by strategic content curation. Social media marketing, meanwhile, harnesses the strength of the various platforms to market a company’s product or brand, and runs parallel to any existing SEO and/or SEM campaigns. understands the complexity of social media, and is equipped to offer you wide ranging support at different levels of account maturity.

For companies with zero social media presence, we will brief you on the basic fundamentals of social media. Did you know that the optimal tweet length is between 100 and 115 characters? Anything less or more will reduce your chances of getting retweets. Or what about the best platform for B2B marketing (which, incidentally, is LinkedIn, with a penetration rate of 94%)? Interested is mass posting using an automated software? Facebook comments and likes decrease by over 70% with automated generic posts. We’ll also touch on hashtags, trends and analytics.

Companies who want to take their presence to the next level, on the other hand, will receive guidance on how to create compelling headlines and memes, learn about remarketing and retargeting of leads, be coached on optimal posting hours and frequency, and much more.

For organisations with a well-established social media presence, we can help you to fine tune your setup to reach the right audience and measurably increase the efficiency of your funneling and conversion.

Our experienced team of social media strategists develops unique strategies for our customers and uses leading social media tools such as Buzzsumo and Tagboard to sift through the deafening trends and noise. pride ourselves in our ability to funnel targeted organic traffic to our clients’ web properties using strategically curated content and proprietary white hat tactics.