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Email Marketing

While social media marketing will eventually crush email marketing, for now, the latter is a more effective funnelling and conversion method. Email is still the primary medium of communication in the world today. To put things into perspective, the number of emails sent daily (excluding spam) is about 500 times more than the total number of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

Despite the unending stream of Nigerian princes needing help to transfer their dead relative’s fortune and Lucky Draw winning notifications, emails are still viewed as the best sales, promotional and transactional medium for B2C and B2B.

Further, if you’re doing things the right way, your email list will consists exclusively of people who have opted-in to receive emails from you. They are already interested in what you have to say, teach, promote or sell. If you don’t have a list, and don’t want to invest years to develop one, can assist you to rent or purchase an opt-in list from a reputable seller.

If you want to put in the effort and develop your own list, we have the expertise to help you with a complete funnelling chain starting from opt-in pages to digital freebies and email marketing service providers. Beyond that, offers a comprehensive copywriting service and email marketing server setup for clients.

Did you know that certain trigger phrases (like “Hell Yeah”) can trigger an increase in email open rates (23.88% when the study came)? Did you also know that including a percentage figure in subject lines can decrease open rates by half? Addressing recipients by their names – or any other form of personalisation - also gives your open rates a bump. There are many more copywriting tricks up our sleeves that we can share that will help market your brand or product more effectively to customers.

With a proper strategy in place, email marketing can be a powerful method to cyclically boost revenue for your business. If you’re interested in getting started, give us a call today.