content is king

Content Development and Marketing

Would you let a baker fix your car’s faulty gearbox? Would you ask a florist to repair your broken stereo? Would you ask a surveyor to paint your gates? A quick no to all three questions, right? And yet, we frequently see companies delegating the writing of their websites’ copies to their marketing, PR or even administration executives.

While writing appears to be something that anyone is capable of doing, the truth is, writing is a skill that takes time and effort to master. There is a reason why some copywriters get paid in the six to seven-figure range for a single page advert.

The average attention of website visitors is 8 seconds. Only 20% of website visitors spend time to read content. 8 in 10 customers only read websites’ headlines. Faced with these daunting stats, doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional to capture the attention of readers, tug at their emotional heartstrings, and ultimately, trigger conversions? employs experienced content writers and copywriters to craft copies for our clients. Our wordsmiths are involved at every stage of the process to enable them to properly visualise your product or service. Working in tandem with our other specialists, our writers develop unique and cohesive content development strategies that run parallel to any active SEO, SEM or social media campaigns.

Our copies come with headlines that draw the attention of visitors. Our mixture of storytelling, bait words, stop words and hook words entice readers to spend just a little bit more time to finish reading. The copies are also naturally sprinkled with carefully researched keywords to charm search engines. 59% of businesses avoid doing business with companies whose websites contain grammatical or spelling errors, so we make it a point to thoroughly copyedit every single piece of writing originating from our office.

Be honest. You feel like picking up the phone and giving us a call, right? Good writing can do that.