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Digital marketing will overtake TV in ad spending for the first time ever in 2017. According to estimates by market research firm eMarketer, digital marketing’s share of the pie will rise to 38.4% compared to 35.8% for TV. The gap is expected to grow even larger in the foreseeable future.

This news isn’t all that surprising considering the explosive growth of the internet over the past two decades. Internet marketing allows ads to reach more people at significantly cheaper costs. Digital marketing is also more flexible compared to traditional media and can be tailored and targeted for specific demographic groups. This is actually great news for small businesses, which have been effectively priced out of traditional advertising channels.

Aside from that, digital marketing does not require long-term media buys, can recycle leads through effective remarketing/retargeting, can be localised using geo-targeting, and most importantly, can be refined continuously using A/B & MV testing.

So how can digital marketing agencies help your business, brand and product grow? A digital marketing agency like helps businesses develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy which encompasses the entire digital media supply chain, right from a website’s architecture to navigating the complex world of search engines and to the ‘Buy Now’ button on your website.

While the fundamentals of digital marketing can be quickly grasped by laymen, understanding its intricacies requires years of study. Even top universities around the world are starting to offer accredited digital marketing courses to meet rising demand from businesses from various industries across the globe.

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