Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a method of attracting leads to your website using ads served on search engines. These ads are automatically triggered and served based on search queries which match specific keyword choices.

SEM offers a shortcut to businesses to reach prospective customers and is perfect for those waiting for their search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts to bear fruit. Ads are served prominently on search results page, which effectively give advertisers top pseudo-rankings.

Unlike most forms of digital marketing, SEM allows instant tracking of results. Using analytics tools, advertisers can view the flow and eventual conversions or bounces of ‘click throughs’.

Aside from keywords, ads can also be filtered according to geographic location and demographic group, which allows more precise targeting of potential customers. Resources are thus not wasted on customers outside of the specified target audience.

At, we work to ensure that your ad budget will be used in the most effective manner. Prior to launching any campaign, our experienced SEO specialists conduct extensive competitor and market analyses to determine the most profitable demographic sector for your product. This is complemented with comprehensive keyword research to ascertain, with surgical precision, the best keywords for the campaign.

Our in-house copywriter will then spend many sleepless nights crafting the perfect ad copy for you – copies that will compel prospective customers to click the ad. Several ad copies containing particular sets of bait words and stop words will be analysed and subjected to A & B testing for a period of time (the length is dependent on the campaign duration) to weed out lower performing ads.

At the conclusion of the campaign, or on a weekly or monthly basis for longer campaigns, we will prepare a report detailing the statistics of the campaign. In consultation with customers, after reviewing data on click-through-rates (CTR), navigation behaviour, conversion, ad variations and cost per sales, we create reactive baseline and projected targets. This provides continuous impetus to improve the campaign and give customers the best bang for their buck.

If you’re a non-profit organization, ask us how you can apply for Google Grant, which offers up to $10,000 worth of monthly ads for free.