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Refuse and recycling


Refuse collections


The council collects domestic refuse from households, on a weekly basis, in either wheeled bins or black sacks. As the Council decided to provide a wheeled bin collection service, only those properties not suited to a wheeled bin have remained on a sack collection.


New Recycling Service 


An enhanced kerbside recycling service for the collection of paper, card, cans and some plastics will be rolled out to all households in three phases between February 2008 and February 2009.


Most households will recieve a new grey wheeled bin for weekly refuse collections. We ask that you use your existing green bin for the fortnightly recycling collections.


If you are unable to store a bin on your property and are on a black sack collection, or only have room for one bin,you will be able to participate in the new recycling service by using your black paper box as a container for your recycling collections. If you find that you need an additional box/boxes please call 01622 602162 to order more.


All households included in the first phase of the service will recieve an information pack prior to the start of the service. Details will also be available on this website in mid January, enabling you to search on your address/postcode to find out about your recycling and refuse collections.


We all want to keep the environment healthy and pleasant to live in both now and in the future. However, modern society can cause damage to the environment and use resources in an unsustainable manner. But recycling has the following benefits;


  • Conserves natural resources - less mining and quarrying helps preserve the landscape and causes less damage to vegetation and animal life.
  • Saves energy.
  • Creates less waste and pollution -we are rapidly exhausting our valuable landfill space.
  • Benefits the economy by creating jobs and reducing the need to import raw materials.
  • It helps divert potentially valuable materials away from landfill sites.
  • Your rubbish becomes the raw materials that manufacturers use to produce new items.


A typical household waste bin consists of:


  • 30% Paper & Card
  • 25% Organic Matter
  • 8% Metals
  • 10% Glass
  • 8% Plastics
  • 19% Textiles, Dust etc.


Last year Maidstone recycled


  • 4,573 tonnes of paper
  • 1,977 tonnes of glass
  • 461 tonnes of cardboard
  • 13 tonnes of shoes
  • 15 tonnes of books
  • 70 tonnes of cans
  • 223 tonnes of textiles
  • 610 tonnes of other recyclables were collected by community groups etc.



More information in this section:




Contact the refuse and reycling team


Phone: 01622 602162