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Access guide for people with disablities


Town Centre access guide


There is a new online guide to help thousands of disabled residents get round the town.


The DisabledGo – Maidstone online guide, has been put together with sponsorship from Maidstone Borough Council.


DisabledGo, the company putting together the guide, and Maidstone council have worked together with hundreds of shops, pubs, restaurants, theatres and other public venues to provide access details for a huge number of goods and service providers.


The information will make a huge difference for people with hearing, vision or mobility related access concerns.  The guide may also be useful for older people and those with pushchairs.


By clicking here people can check, for example, whether a pub is accessible to a wheelchair user, whether a cinema can offer a hearing loop, whether a hotel offers adapted rooms and whether a restaurant offers menus in large print or Braille. The guide can also be accessed via




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